Noche de mierda (Shitty Night)

Si eres mexicano, no hay mucho que decir sobre esto, ya todos nos sabemos la historia de las elecciones pasadas. Andándome por Facebook me encontré con esta belleza:

I decided to translate this to foreigners. I just want you to know what actually happens inside the politics in our country (Mexico)... this is just hilarious. As you might know, our actual president (Enrique Peña Nieto) became famous because of the electoral fraud, where almost all the votes were bought before, during and after the elections. Supllying poor people with food, supermarket coupons, false promises. The police and personal in charge of elections were bribed, the urns were stolen, the people who protested were silenced.... etc... All this generated hate of course, but mexicans do we have a curious way to externalize it, trolling in free time and making jokes, all at the same time.  I was checking out for notices in Facebook when I found this:

Can we make the biggest :poop:
chain in the PROFILE PIC of Enrique
Peña Nieto's Facebook?
Can we?
Let's do it XD "

Esto es lo que sucedió: 1000 mierdas en tan solo media hora.

This is what happened: 1000 :poop: comments in just half an hour.

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